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Leo Almodal : World Class Filipino Designer

This Blog is dedicated to the World Class Fashion Designer from the Philippines whose creations are phenomenal and are intricately made:Leo Almodal! Catering local and international clients, his website is at WWW.ALMODAL.COM and has twitter and Instagram accounts: @leoalmodal

If you Love a wedding gowns richly embellished with laces, pearls, lasercuts, beadworks and/or Swarovski crystals etc.; Leo Almodal is the best Designer that fits your taste.

It does not stop there, He makes sure that the gown would fit you well, and the creative design on your gown would definitely not out stand you. The gown he designs makes the wearer feel confident that she has the best the world can offer, that she is the most beautiful and well-dressed on her most special day!

See it for yourself, Leo's gowns look more magnificent in person! What more if it’s already worn and the bride is walking down the aisle. I am sure the groom would realize how perfect the bride is and it’s a dream come true.

Leo Almodal Instagram

Feel free go to WWW.ALMODAL.COM or click each pictures below for each Collections our Great designer have made to date or click the instagram picture for his instagram page for other client masterpieces.

Queens Collections

Bridal Opulence Collection

Bridal Elegance Collection

Bridal Royal Collection

Bridal Classic Collection

Red Collection

Exotic Collection

Vintage Collection

Zen Collection


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